Ribbon Blender :-

ASP Chem manufacturers and suppliers of Ribbon Blender Machine is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Our company provides industrial quality of ribbon blender machine in Mumbai India.

Ribbon Blender is an equipment which is used in food and beverage processing industries, ribbon blenders are used to produce infant food, flavorings, seasonings, dried food products, breakfast cereals, cake mixes, dietary supplements, instant drink blends etc.

Ribbon Blender is a light duty blender mainly used for easy to mix powder components which are pre-processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc. it is a low shear mixer and mostly used for solid / solid mixing.

Ribbon Blender


The outer ribbons of the agitator move the material from the ends to the center while the inner ribbons move the material from the center to ends.

Radial movement is achieved because of the rotational motion of the ribbons.

The difference in the peripheral speeds of the outer and inner ribbons results in axial movement of the material along the horizontal axis of the ribbon blender.

As a result of the radial and the counter-current axial movement, homogenous blending is achieved in short time.


Ribbon blenders can be designed to operate in both batch and continuous modes.

Batch type blenders can be built up to capacities of 50 m3.

The ribbon blender's versatility for blending solids combined with it ability to perform heating, cooling, and other processes make it a very popular blender.

Ribbon Blenders are one of the most versatile, cost effective and commonly used mixers for dry solids in all process industries from general chemical to food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemicals and polymers. ribbon blenders are ideal for mixing most solids and light pastes.

Ribbon Blenders