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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer

( Pilot filters ranging from 100Ltrs up to 5000Ltrs & above. )

ANF/ANFD ANF/ANED is an equipment where multi stages of process can be done in single unit without signifcant handling & shifting in other equipments. It is a closed vessel with cylindrical shell, Top Dishend & Bottom Flat or Dishend type provided with heavy filter plate & robust stirrer to handle different kind of Liquid-Solid Mixtures. Detachable Bottom can be provided with Power pack system.Legs and castor wheel can be given for easy handling and movement. Guide Rods & Clamping arrangement can be Provided for smooth Seal-Tight Fitting of Lower Portion to Shell with the help of Hydrulic Cyliners & Bayonet arrangment.

It is an ideal equipment's for filtration in batches of liquids contains high solid particles where maximum recovery of solid is required. The liquid is separated mechanically using a filter medium and either using a vacuum or pressure or a combination of vacuum and pressure. A good design of agitator improves the quality of filtration and also allows solid to get discharged mechanically.

ANF has become the most desirable Technique amongst API, PHARMA, FOOD, COLOURS. SPECIALITY & MANY MORE for getting best quality material IN single unit where various stages of operation is performed.


  • Fileration
  • Washing of Filtre Cake
  • Repeat mix or washing of the cake
  • Convection Drying of the Cake
  • Smoothing with compression of the cake
  • Fully Automatic Discharge of the wet or dried cake

During Cake formation the cracks for better filteration at the same time stirrer can be given up & down movement for squeezing of cake & maximum liquid can be removed. Vacuum is applied during process. After Stirring done washing & cleaning of a cake can be done by providing spray pipe arrangement. In case of ANF Dryer, Heating media can be Circulated stirrer is rotated in anti-clock wise direction to fill through limpet / jacket & agitator shaft. Also, for successful Drying in ANFD Condenser, Receiver & Vacuum system will play an important role. A dust catcher is provided to block any dry powder, that may enter in the vacuum system. After drying process is done stirrer can be rotated to guide material towards discharge valve