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Molecular sieves Dryer

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Molecular sieves Dryer

Molecular sieves Dryer is an Equipment used for drying gases and liquids and for separating molecules on the basis of their sizes and shapes.

Dryers is fed with Molecular Sieve.

A molecular sieve is a material with pores (very small holes) of uniform size. These pore diameters are similar in size to small molecules, and thus large molecules cannot enter or be adsorbed, while smaller molecules can.... The diameter of a molecular sieve is measured in ängströms (A) or nanometres (nm).


  • Molecular Sieve Dryers
  • Molecular sieves come in different types such as 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X

When two molecules are equally small and can enter the pores, separation is based on the polarity (charge separation) of the molecule, the more polar molecule being preferentially adsorbed

To activate molecular sieves, the basic requirement is exposure to super-high temperatures and heat should be high enough for the adsorbate to vaporize. The temperature would vary with the materials being adsorbed and the type of adsorbent. A constant temperature range of 170-315oC (338-600oF) would be required for the types of sieves discussed earlier. Both the material being adsorbed, and the adsorbent are heated up at this temperature. Vacuum drying is a quicker way of doing this and requires relatively lower temperatures compared to flame drying