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Reactors Pressure Vessels

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Reactors & Pressure Vessels

Capacity Range (100L to 35000L)

Reactor is an Equipment where two or more components or chemical are mixed heated and reacted to form another chemical or component to achieve desired output by maintaining the process parameter E.G: Temperature Pressure.

Liquid Slurry Fed into Reactor, Agitated with the help of Agitator, Heated through Jacket or Limpet Coil Where Heating Media is circulated Externally vapor formed Passes through top nozzle to other equipment.


  • GMP/N-GMP Jacketed or Limpet Coiled Pre-lInsulated Reators
  • GMP/N-GMP Limpet Coiltype
  • Double Limpet Coil Type
  • Reactor with Inside coil Type